Heal Your Past - Create Your Future


  • Would you like to experience your life in a healthier, more enjoyable way?
  • Would you like to learn how to adjust your core beliefs and take control of your life?
  • Did you know that your experience of the world corresponds to your dominant thought?

You could compare the use of hypnotherapy to updating  computer software or a phone app. When you work with a hypnotherapist you are actually updating the programming in your mind to help your body and mind run more efficiently, accomplish your goals, and handle your life better.

During your hypnotherapy sessions you will discover how strong your mind/body connection really is and create a better outcome for future life experiences.

Common Uses

Peace & Understanding


  • Uncover your reason for self sabotage
  • Change unhealthy patterns
  • Heal and gain wisdom about childhood experiences
  • Allow peace to become part of your life

Desire to be Smoke Free


  • Become aware of your unconscious desire to smoke
  • Change the pattern
  • Feel healthy again
  • Smell fabulous
  • Increase your sense of smell and taste
  • Breath deeper as your lungs heal

Healthy Body & Weight


  • Heal and release emotions about body weight
  • Gain acceptance of self
  • Change stress eating patterns
  • Increase motivation for activity

A health examination may be required by your medical care provider before beginning this program

Medical Support and Accelerated Healing


Hypnotherapy is used as adjunct care with your health providers approval, to assist you with the issues listed below and much more.

  • Accelerated healing
  • Calm your nervous system to improve the function of your immune system
  • Pain Management
  • Overcome fear of needles and medical treatments
  • Pre, Post and interoperative surgical support
  • Treatment compliance

Calm and Healthy Pregnancy and Birth


  • Calm your nervous system to allow your reproductive organs to function in a healthy manner to  increase the possibility of fertility
  • Prepare for the birth of your child
  • Communicate with the developing fetus
  • Overcome fears of parenting
  • Release emotions and gain wisdom about your childhood experiences to start fresh as new parents

Overcome Fears and Gain Confidence


  • Improve your confidence to speak in public
  • Feel calm during final exams or any test taking
  • Be more outgoing
  • Enjoy travel.  No more fear of flying
  • Help with motion sickness



 Hypnotherapy is an educational self-improvement process that facilitates access to your internal resources to assist you in solving problems, increase motivation, or alter behavior patterns to create positive change.

Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. I do not practice medicine or psychotherapy, and my services are not a replacement for psychiatric or medical treatment. 

The service I provide is not intended to diagnose disease, illness, psychological or mental conditions.